...and then there was EVE


Episode Summary

Known as the wife of...Ulysses, her name is synonmous with marital fidelity. But she was so much more and it was so surprisingly progressive for a white, blind man to have written a story dating back to antiquity about a woman that could rule a country on her own, outwit all of her suitors and be a single mom. In essence, this woman was a badass. Thank you Fabienne Demal for sharing your hero.

Episode Notes

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Mixed by my son Jasper Jeurissen  : jeurissenjasper@gmail.com, @jasperucci

Photo : Serge Leblon

Episode Transcription

I’m a spider-woman. A master spinner.  I got the head, the body, make the strongest man weak. I’m a queen. Protector of the throne, maker of the home.  

I got the Royalty see. I ain’t no second class bitch. So you can’t talk no shit, just cause you can’t get with this!  Odysseus… my one and only. Twenty years gone, fighting for fame and glory, but our love is Epic so he’ll be back to tell the story.

Til then, I’m gonna bide my time, spin my rhymes, and work the loom like magic cause a woman ain’t helpless and tragic.

Alone I raise our son while I sing your praise. Faithful, loyal to our love I weave at night to keep them from calling. I weave at night. I got a son to raise. A land to rule. A husband to mourn. Scrubs to scorn. So just watch me while I weave it good, you can’t stop me cause I’m working it like you wish you could. So sit back and see how it’s done. Round and round and up and down. My web don’t catch no flies. It’s called Ithaca and it’s my paradise.  Mountains to the east, and surf to the west. I rule the land with dignity and class. Livin’ the life fit for a Queen cause I made it with my silky body sheen. I’m going down in history, the icon, the myth, beauty, skills and loyalty. So next time you find my web, remember my story and whisper ITHACA.

And maybe one day, I let you in…