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Sophie Podolski

Episode Summary

In search of “The country where everything is permitted; Where you can live drunk, thin but free" Sophie Podolski (1953–1974) a little known Belgian poet and artist whose complete œuvre was brought to light four decades after her death by friends and family in a solo show at Wiels art center, Brussels Belgium. Thank you to Caroline Dumalin for sharing your hero. ...

Episode Notes

Contact : andthentherewaseve24@gmail.com, @jeannamusic

Mixed by my son Jasper Jeurissen  : jeurissenjasper@gmail.com, @jasperucci

Photo : Serge Leblon

Episode Transcription

The story of my transformation has given me countless hours of inspiration…and other times…desperation. I make drawings and poetry in the half-light. Crouched over like a puffed-up blanket dropped on the ground. Motionless except for my hands scribbling a stream of consciousness, never able to keep up with my thoughts…

I’m high on acid, euphoric… and genius. I am a freak of nature. Lady into fox….You must have heard of me. I’ve inspired many, David Garnett was the first. Half-lady. Half Fox….Half animal but I would say….half machine.

I am faster on four legs so let me go ahead and scout out the terrain. My sense of smell and intuition will keep me safe from the Bourgeois hunters, out for blood. My blood. The blood of the emancipated. Whores who disgrace their lady kind and betray the patriarchal social order.  Those of us living in the margins and thriving on sex, drugs and revolution. I am brave and strong and willing to throw myself to the wolves if that’s what it will take. Zappa sings to me…. “ Freakout “  Live in the sunshine and go in search of your kind.

« Wisdom should be sung ». Music. Frank Zappa. The Motherfucker of Invention. I want to live in a « Country where everything is permitted ». Paradise. « Outside of Paradise nothing embarrasses because nothing matters. »

« Not everyone is endowed with the vice of writing. I’ll start with a suicide. I’ll no longer be blind. I’ll live in the sunshine » because I’m strong and because « spitting Indian Ink is no more my profession than love… »